How We Are Distinguished

We provide platform for Filipino craft-artists to create, sell globally, and be vital part of clients’ lives. We are known for our quality Craft Supplies and Proudly-Filipino Handcrafts!

How We Started

The Craft Fountain started as a jump-off from a community development non-profit which aims to provide livelihood training to communities in Philippine countrysides. In the process of our desire to empower Filipino people, we saw the need to help provide them with accessible source of ample and quality supplies so they can start their business. Thus, our brick-and-mortar supply store opened in 2008. As we continue to interact with our clients and recognize the Filipino ingenuity and globally-competitive artisan, our desire to better serve them ignites. We fully understand that the most challenging part of doing small business is the market. With The Craft Fountain online store, we hope to help feature Filipino small scale artists and crafters as we provide them avenue to sell their beautiful creations.

Our Mission

Our overarching purpose for business is to (a) Provide most affordable and quality supplies for craft artists, (b) Help empower Filipino craft artists by providing them support and platform to sell their works worldwide, and (c) Be a vital part of our clients’ lives by providing all-season gift ideas and supplies for life’s most important events.

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